Mushroom Supplementing 101

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When It Comes To Mushroom Tinctures Extraction Is Everything

To unlock the most effective, high quality bioavailability, our products are crafted with triple extraction processes. For one tincture, it takes about 100 days to make.


This step makes the good stuff like polysaccharides, triterpenoids, and alkalis more accessible.

Hot Water

To further draw out the good stuff, we use hot water because polysaccharides are water soluble.


The final step takes 90 days and is used to release the nonpolar triterpenoids from the mushroom.

Functional Mushrooms: Our Selection Process

We select mushroom varietals that have both time-honored and modern applications. Our formulations consider both traditional use and contemporary science. Each of the Marley One mushrooms is widely recognized for its health-enhancing benefits.

How We Select Our Mushrooms

We select our mushroom varietals that have both time-honored and modern applications. On top of that, our formulations consider both traditional use and contemporary science. Each of Marley One mushrooms is widely regocnized for its health-enhancing benefits.

Turkey Tail

Renowned for its medicinal application, it is incredibly high in antioxidants and other compounds that boost the immune system. It is widely used as a gut health supplement.

Lion’s Mane

A powerful anti-inflammatory that is high in antioxidants, this mushroom is known for its stress-reduction capabilities and potential to restore nerve damage.


An adaptogenic mushroom, this fungi has been used for centuries to boost energy and libido and slow aging.


Packed with vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, this is a great immunity-boosting mushroom. It is used to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and slow the overall aging process.


A staple in eastern medicine, this deeply nourishing mushroom promotes cell regeneration and aids in relaxation. Its properties are known to support deep sleep and a calm mood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to supplement with mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms have been used for generations in homeopathic medicine. They are renowned for their ability to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, increase endurance, etc. Furthermore, many studies have indicated that consuming (eating) functional mushrooms daily is relatively safe.

However, certain species and their effects should be considered before consuming. For example, reishi has the ability to thin the blood and potentially alter blood sugar levels esp with long term daily use. Always consult your physician prior to starting a supplement regiment as they are the most familiar with your individual health history and any specific considerations.

How does mushroom supplementation work?

That depends on 2 things.

1: How fast you want the product in your system

2: Palatability

For quick absorption through the mucus membranes in the mouth, tinctures can be administered sublingually under the tongue for 30-60 seconds.

Or, for improved taste, tinctures may be added to food as well as beverages for absorption in the digestive tract.

Which tincture is the best for me?

Great question!

When people decide to use functional mushrooms, they are typically trying to address a specific issue -- ie stress, inflammation, immune system support, etc. Knowing what your goal is will determine which species or blend of species is right for you. Send us your inquiry at, we are happy to help.

Can I combine products?


Individual functional mushrooms are great stand alone products however, their true benefits become apparent when the species are combined. When multiple species are taken together they demonstrate their synchronicity by complimenting each other in terms of benefits to the user.

Can I use these products along with other medications?

(EX: is lion’s mane safe without doctors approval?)

Please, before consumption of any supplement, consult your physician. Studies have shown few side effects from long term use of functional mushroom supplementation however, reishi mushroom has been shown to affect blood pressure after long term use. Chaga can potentially influence blood sugar levels

Where are your products made?
Our products are manufactured in Commack, NY U.S,A,
How do you test your products?
We test our products very throught. For further information please refer to,